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Land Rover Rust Protection
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Car Rust Treatment And Protection

Noxudol Car Rust Protection

Noxudol provide Europe's leading range of rust protection and prevention products and is produced by Swedish chemical manufacturer and distributor Auson. Auson have been market leaders in Scandiavia in the production manufacture and testing of rust prevention and corrosion products. Noxudol is used by a number of europe's leading car manufacturers.

Ultimate are delighted now to be able to offer an environmentally friendly rust protection and treatment solution at is 15 plus sites across the UK.


Noxudol environmentally friendly range is a solvent free product which ensure a much less damaging impact to the environment.


The application of Noxudol follows Ultimate tried and tesed process and follows the guidelines for application provide by Auson.


The car is cleaned and dried and the plastic arch liners removed. Heavy and loose rust is then removed. The car is then treated with Noxudol 300 protective wax. The treatment is applied to the full underbody of the car along with the wheel arches, axles and suspension components.


The interior cavities of the cars chassis, sills, doors, boot and bonnet are also injected with Noxudol 700.


Ultimate Noxudol 7 step treatment process

·         Wheels and arch liners and under trays removed

·         Cleaning and Drying

·         Removal of heavy rust

·         Treatment with rust inhibitor to cavities including doors, bonnet, sills and chassis

·         Treatment of under body, suspension axles and steering protective wax

·         Reassembly of wheel arch liners under trays and wheels

·         Completion and issue of electronic 3 year warranty via email

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3 Year Warranty 3 Year Warranty

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