Land Rover Rust Protection
Land Rover Rust Protection
Car Rust Treatment And Protection
Car Rust Treatment And Protection

Mazda MX5 & Bongo Rust Proofing, Protection and Treatment

Ultimate can ensure effective rust treatment, prevention and protection treatment of you new Mazda MX5 or your classic mark I and also provide the service to treat imported Mazda MX5's and Eunos cars. The treatment of MX5's accounts for a significant proportion of the work we undertake as a business and as a result we are familiar with all the major areas of concern with these cars. We have a network of over 15 treatment and service centers across the UK.


We have also treated numerous new Mazda MX5's as well as the recently launched Mazda RF.


This includes treatment inside the chassis as well as inside sills and behind wheel arch liners along with the underbody and suspension components.


Similarly we alot of Mazda Bongo's and Ford Friendee vehicles as these have clearly provided to be an appealing and cost effective alternative to VW Transporter ownership. Like with the MX5's we are also used to treating recently imported vehicles.


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