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Car Rust Treatment And Protection

Mercasol Car Rust Protection

Mercasol is Sweden's leading rust protection solution and is produced and manufactured by Swedish chemicals company Auson. The products are tried, proven and tested in Scandenavia's harsh winter environment.

We now offer a full Mercasol treatment service across its 15 plus sites in the UK.


The process involves the cleaning and drying of the car and the removal of the plastic arch liners. 


Once the car is dry and free from surface debris the car is pre treated with Mercasol 1 rust inhibitor and then overcoated with Mercasol 3 protective wax. This process is followed to the full underbody arches as well as axles and suspension components.


Mercasol 1 or Mercasol 2 are then used in internal cavity areas as appropriate including the cars doors, boot, bonnet and importantly the sills and chassis.

Ultimate Mercasol 8 step treatment process

·         Wheels and arch liners and under trays removed

·         Cleaning and Drying

·         Removal of heavy rust

·         Treatment with rust inhibitor to cavities including doors, bonnet, sills and chassis

·         Treatment of under body, suspension, axles and steering with rust inhibitor

·         Treatment of under body, suspension axles and steering protective wax

·         Reassembly of wheel arch liners under trays and wheels

·         Completion and issue of electronic 3 year warranty via email

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3 Year Warranty 3 Year Warranty

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